Started as a Student - Nico Aleccia | Protecting Our Students

Started as a Student – Nico Aleccia

Started as a Student – Nico Aleccia

What is our country’s most valued asset?

Well some would say it’s our gold in Fort Knox

Or our immense forests and powerful rivers of our national parks,

Others might reply it is our numerous oil fields in Alaska and Texas…

However, it is in fact,

Our students.


Our Lifesaving first responders,

Diligent hospital staff,

Brilliant doctors,

Caring nurses,

Our meticulous surgeons…

They all started as a student


Our hard-working back-breaking farmers and ranchers creating our country’s nourishment.

Our water treatment experts providing us with clean potable water!!!

They all started as a student


Our greatest judges,

Brave police officers

As well as our fearless firefighters….

All started as a student


Our astounding architects,

Tough construction workers,

Incredible inventors,

New age programmers,

And our pilots that soar beyond where eagles dare to venture…

All started as eager young students.









Our national guard,



Air Force,

And Marines are entirely comprised of current and former



Even our teachers started as



Our country’s safety, wellbeing, and future is guaranteed by our



Students who stay up studying past the point of exhaustion just to make sure they pass their next exam.

Students who deal with the pressures of fitting in amongst their peers,

Who are forced to deal with new and strange feelings every day.

Students who strive to please their teachers and mentors while still finding time, energy, and focus to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities…

Striving hard through their youth to become something more than themselves.

To better their family and community in the ways they are best suited.

Self-chosen by their own perseverance and decisions made, as they are sculpted by their surroundings moving forward into life.


Our students have no place or time for fear.


Protecting our students…

Starts with you!!!