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Who We Are

Protecting Our Students is a School Gun Safety Partner Coalition

Our mission is straightforward: To reduce — and end — K-12 school shootings. Getting there takes work, but we’re dedicated to implementing our POSSafetyNet℠ in every school nationwide.

POSSafetyNet℠ partners with educational institutions, public and private consultants, including Certified School Safety Professionals, School Security & Crises Preparedness Specialist, Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies to apply our proprietary comprehensive evaluation process. Once each school is assessed, our network of certified security professionals can implement standardized emergency operating plans (EOP). The result? Schools across the nation become unified under a universal gun safety best practice EOP. And, because of our extensive network, these superior safety measures can be applied to any school — no matter their funding or size.

POSSafetyNet℠ – POS School Site Assessment (SSA).

The Problem

Gun safety in our K-12 schools has been disorganized, decentralized, inefficient, and consists of an assortment of methods and approaches, ranging from adequate to ineffective. There is no accepted universal process for auditing a school facility for security vulnerability and no universal certification program.

The Solution

The POSSafetyNet℠ assessment worksheet and complementary certification program for K-12 schools. An evaluation for defining deficiencies and framing best-practice school shooting programs for standardization. A certification process that unifies gun safety and security policies in our -K12 schools for implementation nationwide.

Protecting Our Students is investing in our children’s safety, security, and well-being.

Our top priority is the safety and security of our students. We’re driven by a passion for good works, resolve, integrity and our aim is to support institutional improvements that encourage better health and education for our students. With a core belief that the overall examination of school shooting safety and security policies and further implementation of a universal program in schools nationwide, together, we will save student lives.

Reduce gun violence
Keep schools safe
Unify safety programs
Standardize policies