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Help Us Protect Your Local School And Prevent Active Shooters

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Donating to Protecting Our Students significantly impacts the prevention of active shooters and the safety and security of K-12 schools nationwide. Your support enables us to deliver and implement our Safety and Vulnerability Assessment and Annual Reassessment program to school districts nationwide, using our innovative mobile AI software app SITE|SAFETYNET℠. This program helps identify potential vulnerabilities interior and exterior of campus and provides schools with the REPORT they need to enhance their safety and security measures.


It is not the only answer by any means, but rather, one innovation allowing schools to increase their security posture without creating a prison-like experience. New technology, including weapons detection, access control, video management systems, and social media monitoring, are essential tools but are not foolproof. Safety and Vulnerability Assessment and Annual Reassessment Technology are critical components of a school safety plan.


By partnering with Protecting Our Students, you can help ensure that our schools are better prepared to prevent and respond to potential threats and provide a safer environment for our children to learn and grow.

Donate to Protecting Our Students So We Can Continue Our Work!

Each year, parents nationwide entrust schools to provide a safe environment for approximately 50 million elementary and secondary public school students in America. Families and communities expect these institutions to keep their children safe from threats — no assignment is more important than creating a safe learning environment for our nation’s students.

We know school security is a complex issue with no simple, single solution. That’s why POS is committed to supporting K-12 gun safety policy standardization by implementing our SITE|SAFETYNET℠ App.  After all, we have all been school students at some point. Let’s help end school shootings across the U.S. together.

There’s a problem, do not turn away. It’s people like us who need to look at the problem, support the cause, and help us travel down the pathway to the solution because our children are priceless.

We Empower school leaders and engage communities to help make our schools safer.

Use the questions below to start the discussion with your local school leaders about how we can advance every school’s safety policy effort — with Protecting Our Students:

  1. Has our school ever had a vulnerability assessment done?
  2. Does our school work with local law enforcement and emergency responders in crisis planning and training?
  3. When was our emergency operations crisis management plan last reviewed?
  4. What types of drills do you conduct at our school, and how often?
  5. Are all exterior doors of our school locked during learning hours?
  6. Are all visitors to our school required to check in with the main office?
  7. Are students and staff trained on how to identify and report suspicious or concerning behaviors/comments?
  8. Does our school have a behavioral threat assessment team?
  9. If there is an emergency, how and when are parents/ guardians notified?
  10. Do we have designated security personnel assigned to our school? If so, are they armed/unarmed?

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