What We Do

POS Reduces and End Gun Shooting Fatalities and Injuries in Our K-12 Schools via POSSafetyNetâ„ 

POS communicates with local schools across the nation. We speak directly with K-12 schools; Principals, Administrators, and Safety Coordinators to measure schools for gun safety strengths and deficiencies, specifically to correct assessed weaknesses.

  • Mass shootings in the U.S. affect so many of us and with the knowledge that our school-age children are potentially at risk, our goal is to eliminate this danger.
  • Today, students feel stress, anxiety, and have general concerns about their safety as well as our parents, teachers, and communities.
  • At the K-12 level, gun safety policies have been disorganized, decentralized, inefficient, and consist of an assortment of methods and approaches, ranging from adequate to ineffective in performance.
  • K-12 school gun safety policies and procedures are currently NOT uniform. Some cities and states implement different strategies. We standardize and unify a robust best-of-class/practice policy, nationwide.
  • Our nonprofit, Protecting Our Students, merges gun safety and security into a standardized policy that is applied uniformly to K-12 schools nationwide, keeping our children safe on campus.
  • POS measures strengths and deficiencies among school districts across the nation and provides the recommended modifications and reforms for adaptation by implementation of the POSSafetyNetâ„ , our universal school gun safety assessment tool.
  • Given that no school is alike, we unify gun safety policies to align with school demographics:
    – Primary and Secondary
    – Geographic Locals
    – Building, Land Size, and Enrollment/Teacher/Admin Size
  • Join us! POS is building a collaboration with Certified School Safety Professionals, School Security & Crises Preparedness Specialist, Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies. Experts and professionals committed to providing a comprehensive best-practice Emergency Operating Plan (EOP), to achieve the highest level of gun security for our students.

POS analyzes school-safety data points to standardize and unify best-practice metrics nationwide.

Primary & Secondary Levels
  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High School
Aggregate Size
  • Enrollment
  • Building
  • Land
Geographic Locals
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural