What We Do | End School Gun Violence | Standardize School Safety

What We Do

We Reduce and End Gun Shooting Fatalities and Injuries in Our K-12 School System

Protecting Our Students communicates with local school districts across the nation. We speak directly with Superintendents, District Managers, and School Safety Coordinators to measure schools for gun safety deficiencies and correct assessed weaknesses.

  • Mass shootings in the U.S. affect so many of us and with the knowledge that our school-age children are potentially at risk, our goal is to eliminate this danger.
  • Today, students feel stress, anxiety, and have general concerns about their safety as well as our parents, teachers, and communities.
  • At the K-12 level, gun safety policies have been disorganized, decentralized, inefficient, and consist of an assortment of methods and approaches, ranging from adequate to ineffective in performance.
  • K-12 school gun safety policies and procedures are currently NOT uniform. Some cities and states implement different strategies. We standardize and unify a robust best-of-class/practice policy, nationwide.
  • Our nonprofit, Protecting Our Students, merges gun safety and security into a standardized policy that is applied uniformly to K-12 schools, keeping our children safe on campus across the nation.
  • We measure deficiencies among school districts across the nation and provide the recommended modifications and reforms for adaptation and implementation of the POSSafetyNetâ„ , our universal school gun safety policy and procedures.
  • Given that no school is alike, we unify gun safety policies to align with school demographics:
    – Primary and Secondary
    – Geographic Locals
    – Budget Constraints
  • We are a collaboration with Certified School Safety Professionals, School Security & Crises Preparedness Specialist, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. Experts and professionals committed to providing a comprehensive best-practice Emergency Operating Plan (EOP) for implementation, to achieve the highest level of gun security for our students.

POS analyzes school-safety data points to standardize and unify best-practice metrics nationwide.

Primary & Secondary Levels
  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High School
Budget Constraints
  • Limited
  • Adequate
  • Ample
Geographic Locals
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural