Strategies for Preventing Gun Violence Among K-12 Students

Strategies for Preventing Gun Violence Among K-12 Students

Strategies for Preventing Gun Violence Among K-12 Students


  1. K-12 students are more at risk from gun violence
  2. The urgency of taking steps to ensure the safety of K-12 kids in the United States from gun violence
  3. Responsibility of parents, educators, and school officials
  4. Concrete steps we can take to protect K-12 students from gun violence

Acquiring Knowledge on the Probability of School Shootings

  1. Mental health problems and easy access to firearms are two major contributing factors
  2. Domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues
  3. Abusive substance use

Recognizing Potential Risk Factors for Violence

  1. Verbal or written incitement to physical harm
  2. Unusual interest in firearms
  3. Isolation and withdrawal
  4. Increased anger and violence
  5. Noticeable behavioral and emotional shifts
  6. Suicidal ideation or attempt

School-Based Preventative Measures

  1. Installing security cameras and metal detectors if needed
  2. Conducting regular safety exercises and training
  3. Providing mental health care for students and staff
  4. Strengthening gun control legislation

End School Shootings (S)

Preparing For Emergencies

  1. Communication with law enforcement can be established quickly
  2. Plans for lockdown and evacuation
  3. Help with medical emergencies and first aid
  4. Strategies for family and class reunification

Services to Help Faculty and Staff

  1. Psychological and therapeutic support services
  2. Peer-to-peer support groups
  3. Services for parents and families
  4. Examinations and screenings for mental health conditions
  5. Treatment for trauma
  6. Help for those who have experienced trauma

Community activism and support

  1. Volunteering with local organizations that promote gun safety and violence prevention
  2. Contacting elected officials in support of gun safety regulations
  3. Joining local advocacy groups
  4. Participating in community education and awareness campaigns
  5. Supporting mental health programs

Protecting Our Students (POS) Created a Software APP to Save Student Lives

  1. Importance of implementing a Safety and Vulnerability Assessment in all schools nationwide
  2. POSSafetyNet℠: an AI, digital-age school assessment solution
  3. Identifying vulnerabilities on campus and providing specific recommendations for improvement
  4. Communicating with local schools nationwide to implement POSSafetyNet℠


  1. Addressing the problem of gun violence in schools requires a comprehensive strategy
  2. Taking the time to learn about the causes, recognize the red flags, implement preventative measures, prepare for emergencies, offer counsel, and lobby for stricter gun regulations and greater community involvement
  3. Responsibility of everyone to provide a safe place for K-12 students to learn and develop, free from the threat of gun violence
  4. Concrete measures to reduce the risk of gun violence among K-12 pupils.

Gun violence in K-12 Schools: The Hidden Costs of Inaction