How Can a POSSafetyNet℠ Report Help Prevent School Shootings In Your District?

How Can a POSSafetyNet℠ Report Help Prevent School Shootings In Your District?

Eight children are killed by gun violence every single day, making firearms the second leading cause of death for young people in America.1

And it’s no secret that school shootings have been on the rise: 18 percent of all school shootings in the United States’ history has taken place in just the last six years.2

Protecting Our Students’ new POSSafetyNetSM seeks to end this upward trend and restore our nation’s schools to the safe havens of learning and discovery they once were.

POSSafetyNetSM offers cutting-edge assessment and reporting to guide schools across the nation in a single, uniform approach to end school shootings.

Student and teacher safety is paramount, but schools across the country have no universal guidance in securing their buildings or adopting gun safety protocols.

The POSSafetyNetSM framework gathers best practices from school districts across the United States and incorporates them into a thoughtful, programmatic approach to school safety.

No two schools are alike. POSSafetyNetSM’s gun safety policies take your particular school demographics into account:

  • Primary or secondary
  • Geographic location
  • Building and land size
  • Student enrollment
  • Number of teachers, school staff, and administrators

Our evaluation, measurement, and scoring reports not only help schools assess their strengths and deficiencies but make tailored recommendations to bring your safety protocols up to speed.

Students are stressed about school shootings

A majority of American teens actively worry about the possibility of mass violence in their schools – and parents and teachers feel the same.3

In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 6.7 percent of students had skipped school because of safety concerns.4

Yet, at the K-12 level, school gun safety policies and procedures are not uniform across the country. Most policies, in fact, have been largely disorganized, decentralized, and inefficient, consisting of an assortment of methods and approaches that leave schools vulnerable to safety deficiencies.

Uniform solutions for preventing school shootings

Protecting Our Students works to standardize gun safety and security into a framework that can be applied to all schools nationwide, regardless of type, size, or geographic location.

With the reports provided by POSSafetyNetSM, schools will gain the peace of mind of knowing their protocols and security measures align with best practices across the country, informed by experts in the field. Protecting Our Students is developing partnerships with certified school safety professionals, school security and crisis preparedness specialists, law enforcement, and government agencies to provide a comprehensive emergency operating plan that achieves the best protection possible for our students and teachers.

Protecting Our Students works to reduce and end gun-related fatalities and injuries in K-12 schools across the United States. We will coordinate with your education system leaders – superintendents, school boards, administrators, principals, and of course, our teachers – to help school officials fully understand the implementation of new policies and procedures.

Beta version available to all schools and district professionals on January 1, 2021. The POSSafetyNetSM app will help you strengthen your security systems and prioritize the safety of your school community.